Zytronic Simplifies Touch User Interface Design for Android

zytronic-dse-0316Zytronic says they have made it much quicker and easier to design powerful and intuitive multi-touch User Interfaces (UI) for Android with the announcement of its Android ZyConfig App.

Each target hardware running Android can be slightly different, and setting up the Android Operating System to work with a touch controller and touch screen requires a certain amount of low-level software configuration, which not all companies have the in-house expertise to perform. We’ve made it as easy as downloading an app onto the target hardware and performing two simple steps to remove the complexity from the installation and set-up process.

The app is available here and is loaded onto the Android target hardware. Once loaded, the tool detects the attached Zytronic touch controller and the user just needs to calibrate the touch screen and tune the touch sensitivity which is done quickly and easily through the app.