Would You Donate Your Organs on Facebook?


Now, you probably aren’t adding a “Health & Wellness” life event to your Facebook timeline everyday, SO, you probably didn’t notice this change. Today, Facebook [and Mark Zuckerberg – aka “Zucky”] announced that they have added the option to become an Organ Donor. On Facebook.


Zucky is calling it a “lifesaving” feature of Facebook timeline. Pun intended. Theres something like 100,000+ people in the United States who will die while needed an organ of some kind – so Zucky hopes that the addition of this feature will help lower that statistic.

That’s a big hope, and rather feasible, considering there’s a bajillion [that’s the scientific number] people on Facebook – so getting 100,000+ out of that bajillion to donate their organs shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Well, I was curious how the organ donor feature worked on Facebook, and since I’m already listed as an organ donor, and I wanted you to know that I am currently “drinking the juice I’m pouring,” if you will, I went through the process and found it to be rather simple.

The process of listing that you’re an organ donor on Facebook is no different than the process of saying you’re “in a relationship” or you “moved in 2007.” It’s easy.

Now, if you’re NOT ACTUALLY an organ donor, or you’re not sure, there is a link, to the right of the pop up screen where you enter your organ donor details, that connects you with your own state’s personal organ donor database so you can officially register as an organ donor.

So, my purpose in writing this post? Well, I want to know: do you think that this is truly a “lifesaving” feature / addition to Facebook? Would you list yourself as an organ donor on Facebook? Good idea? Bad idea? Do you think it’s taking the social network thing too far?

I want to know your thoughts.

Also, side note, I had no idea you could donate your eyes. Or your skin. I’m gonna be honest and say that’s both awesome and a little creepy.

Okay, now post your thoughts in the comments.