Women in AV Tweet-up and NEC TV Giveaway

Calling all AV Ladies! Are you ready for our first ever Women in AV National Tweet Up? I want to take a quick moment to formally introduce myself. My name is Olivia Dumanovsky and I am the marketing associate for Pakedge Device and Software, based out of Foster City, Calif. I have always had a passion for technology, marketing, and social media, so naturally, I love my job! My passion is to inspire and encourage others to dream wildly and accomplish the unimaginable!

With that said, Jennifer Willard (the founder of WAVE) and I were chatting one day over Twitter and I threw out the idea of a Tweet Up so we could meet in real life. And now all the women in our industry have come together to make it a reality! So now our first ever Tweet-up is quickly approaching – it’s next Friday, December 9th at 4 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. EST in locations across the country. We’re also excited to announce that NEC Displays and rAVe [Publications] are giving away an NEC TV to one of our #WAVE Tweeters next week to help promote our Tweet-up at the end of the week. Here’s how to win it!

We will start a tweet count on Monday, December 5th at 10 a.m. EST. Your job is to tweet all week long about industry stories, lessons-learned moments, quotes, etc. to encourage, inspire, and equip your fellow women in the industry. Please use hash tag #WAVE for the contest and our Tweet Up. You can tweet as many times as you would like up to and during our actual Tweet Up on Friday, December9th. rAVe [Publications] has picked a lucky number, which ever tweet lands on that number will be the grand prize winner! Get excited and get Tweeting! And don’t forget to hashtag all your Tweets with #WAVE.

Olivia Dumanovsky is a marketing associate at Pakedge Device and Software in Foster City, Calif. Reach her at olivia@pakedge.com.