Why the Mount Matters as Much as the PTZ Camera


Pole Mount 750 0320

By Paul Richards
Director of Business Development — Chief Streaming Officer
PTZ Optics

Poorly-designed or poorly-documented mounting hardware can seriously disrupt an AV project’s installation schedule. When it comes to PTZ camera mounts, the engineers at HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics set out to make high-quality camera mounting hardware for professional installations more reliable and easier to plan for and to install. HuddleCamHD offers camera mounts for almost every installation scenario, including: wall-, ceiling- and pole-mounted PTZ cameras. Today ProAV companies have access to our universal camera mounting designs, which are available through our audiovisual distribution partners including Broadfield, StarinAV, Stampede Global, JB&A, Jenne and Mobile Video Devices. Many professional audiovisual installation companies have now standardized on HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics PTZ camera mounting hardware for the following reasons.

Quality and reliability — made in America

All of our HCM style camera mounts are made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with first quality heavy-gauge steel. When you open the box, you are greeted with all of the necessary hardware for mounting to wood, drywall, masonry, and standard US or EU electrical boxes. The printed manual includes straight-forward information that will keep the installation team moving without needing to call support. The mounting slots on each unit are designed for easy leveling and adjustment before securing the PTZ camera. While camera wall mounts may seem simple, these forward-thinking designs make the job of an AV installer easier and more efficient. (*The PT-CM-1 style mounts are not made in the USA but share the same dependability and features).

Ceiling mounts for dynamic presentation spaces

The PTZOptics ceiling mounts are designed to be simple and secure. Integrators enjoy the simple installation process that securely attaches most small based PTZ cameras to any ceiling surface. The ceiling mounts include all the necessary hardware to install cameras to wood, drywall, acoustic ceiling tiles, brick and other masonry surfaces as well as bolting directly to US and EU ceiling boxes. The industry standard ¼-20 screw mount allows integrators to securely mount most HuddleCamHD, SONY, Panasonic, Vaddio, PTZOptics and other professional-quality cameras flush to most ceiling surfaces and in any horizontal orientation. As more and more cameras are being integrated into conference rooms, studios and presentation spaces, the need for ceiling-mounted cameras continues to grow. Ceiling mounted cameras remain out of the way and often provide the clearest sightlines to the intended area of focus.

Pole mounts for those hard to reach places

Professional audiovisual integrators are very familiar with hanging equipment from poles, like projectors, flat panel displays and large speakers. With PTZ cameras, pole mounts allow customers to capture views for video conferencing, live streaming and broadcast applications in many scenarios where tripods, wall mounts or flush ceiling mounts simply will not work. The HuddleCamHD pole mounts are designed to mount to a standard 1” NPT threaded pole, giving ProAV installers a familiar installation process they can use to secure PTZ cameras to the superstructure of most buildings. Pole mounts are popular for houses of worship and open ceiling corporate spaces. Pole mounted cameras can be placed directly next to confidence monitors to help maintain eye contact with presenters looking at a pole-mounted LCD screen for example.

Small and large wall-mounted PTZ cameras

By far, the most popular PTZ camera mount is the wall mount. HuddleCamHD manufacturers small and large base PTZ camera wall mounts that have quickly become the industry standard. With simple ¼-20 connection hardware for the camera and a complete universal mounting hardware kit provided, HuddleCamHD’s wall mounts make life simple for ProAV installers.

Outdoor PTZ camera enclosures

It’s not uncommon to have PTZ cameras mounts in the great outdoors, especially for schools that want to add live streaming and recording capabilities to their athletics fields. For other scenarios, schools want to install vandal-proof enclosures to keep valuable professional audiovisual equipment safe from students or flying objects inside of a gymnasium. To simplify audiovisual installations PTZOptics has now certified two unique outdoor and indoor camera enclosures for PTZ camera installations for almost any scenario. The PTZ-HB is an outdoor camera enclosure that includes a heater blower and the PTZO-BASE which is a simple vandal-proof enclosure for indoor use. You can learn more about the PTZ camera enclosures here.

Whether you are designing a video conferencing space or a live streaming studio, the last thing you want to cut costs on is the camera-mounting hardware. Cameras must be securely and reliably mounted to provide the best possible viewer experience. With HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics, each camera mount includes cable entry points through the back and bottom to allow for bulky cables such as SDI, HDMI, USB, Ethernet and power to all fit through. Whether you need to provide that clean installation look for a high-end boardroom or for a fancy broadcast studio, these camera mounts are ideal for your customers’ needs. Every camera mount from HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics is available in either white or black in order to match the color of your camera and to further improve the aesthetic design of your ProAV installation. White cameras and mounts are very popular for houses of worship and modern meeting room environments. Oh, and the best part we saved for last. HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics camera mounts have premium quality and features but do not come at a premium price. They are among the least expensive professional mounts available. With a three-year warranty included with every camera mount, it’s a solution any professional audiovisual integrator can feel comfortable standing behind.