VuWall Launches PAK Video Wall Node for Project Simplification

vuwall pak

VuWall is launching PAK, a networked multidecode node that can operate as a stand-alone device or be stitched with other nodes to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable. It is designed to simplify video wall project deployments by reducing the number of connections and eliminating a single point of failure.

Where rAVe sees PAK as a true game-changer is in a market VuWall didn’t even mention in its promotion — higher-ed classrooms. Placing one PAK at the location of a projector allows you to create a seamless digital canvas with up to four different sources.

Here’s a video of how it works:

VuWall’s PAK device features four HDp60 outputs or one 4Kp60 output and multi-format decoding up to 32 HD streams per device, including H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, NDI, PNG, JPEG and VNC/remote desktops or virtualized browsers. As part of VuWall’s ecosystem, PAK is managed by the TRx 3.1 software platform and PAK is designed for multi-room visualization, situational awareness, control rooms and corporate workspaces and is small enough to be mounted behind monitors.

PAK is here: