Vivitek Takes Aim at Barco ClickShare With New Collaborative NovoPRO

vivitek-novopro-1215Vivitek Corporation today announced it’s shipping the $799 NovoPRO — taking aim at Barco’s ClickShare product. Vivitek’s NovoPRO collaborative and interactive wireless BYOD “system” offers the same advanced feature set as the bestselling NovoConnect, but on a Quad-Core processor. Equipped with UltraHD 4K support (Buyer Beware: no color bit-depth specified thus, it likely doesn’t do 4K @ 60Hz or 4:4:4) or 1080p @ 60 fps, the NovoPRO streams wireless video. In addition, the NovoPRO also features full Android and iOS mirroring.

The NovoPRO’s built-in Ethernet port and Wi-Fi module allow for standard dual network support so that both a wired and wireless connection can be accomplished to accommodate, for example, both guest and corporate networks. To make operation simple, the optional Launcher buttons allow for instantaneous screen sharing though this USB connected device. In a collaborative setting, the Launcher also has placement buttons for the four screen quadrants to provide an easy selection of multiple display devices. Lastly, the Launcher has the software preloaded, which makes it truly plug-n-plug to PCs or Macs. (No software installation is required.)

Here are all the tech specs.