Vivi Adds Digital Signage to Its Wireless Sharing Platform; Still Aimed at Education

vivi video announcements

Vivi announced it has expanded into a communication tool that can connect an entire school. With Vivi Video Announcements, a school leader can deliver morning announcements, ad-hoc messaging in response to incoming news or any other messaging “made more powerful with video.” Vivi Text Announcements enable a school’s administrative team to send “concise, non-disruptive yet noticeable messages, directly to classrooms, common areas, or groups of displays to relay any message to students and staff, without interrupting the flow of instruction.”

Vivi’s Announcements are combined with Vivi’s Digital Signage for routine, planned communications and Vivi’s Emergency Alerts system for more urgent communications, providing a school-wide communication platform for leaders to touch base with their community members, remind students of goings-on at school, share timely information, or simply call a student to the office.