CTI Buys Vistacom; Now Biggest Command and Control Integrator Globally

cti vistacom

CTI has acquired Vistacom, Inc. of Allentown, Pennsylvania, the country’s biggest command and control room integrator. CTI says Vistacom’s proven NOC and Control Room design and integration services mark a significant expansion to CTI’s portfolio. CTI serves customers nationwide, with locations spread from Michigan to Texas, New Jersey to California, and worldwide as a member of the PSNI Global Alliance.

“CTI’s acquisition of Vistacom not only expands our business to a new region in the Northeast, it brings a world-class command and control group into our portfolio,” said CTI Chief Marketing Officer Tobi Tungl. “One of the best NOC and Control Room design and integration teams in the AV industry, they bring tremendous experience. Much like our Justice, Broadcast, and House of Worship divisions, it will be a great resource for our clients across the US and around the globe.”