VisualOn Transforms Video Streaming Efficiency and Quality With CAE and Media Player Solutions

VisualOn Optimizer 1 Medium

Reduce OpEx With VisualOn’s AI-Enhanced Optimizer
VisualOn will unveil Optimizer Hi-Fi, a state-of-the-art visually lossless file-to-file video transcoding solution, at the 2024 NAB Show. Leveraging VisualOn’s CAE technology, Optimizer Hi-Fi reduces the storage requirements of high-quality source video files by up to 80% while maintaining visual quality.

VisualOn Optimizer shrinks video bitrates while maintaining or improving visual quality, lowering operating expenses for video service providers without disrupting current workflows or introducing compatibility issues. Utilizing VisualOn Optimizer, video service providers can decrease the average streaming bandwidth by over 40%. The solution also improves UX KPIs such as start-up time, buffering ratio, and more.

At the NAB Show, Optimizer will be shown in different versions for various use cases: Optimizer VOD for on-demand video workflows, Optimizer Live for live video streaming, and Optimizer Hi-Fi for reducing the storage costs of massive mezzanine files.

Simplify Video Streaming With the VisualOn Media Platform (VMP)
At the 2024 NAB Show, VisualOn will showcase its VMP premium streaming media players. VisualOn’s ExoPlayer+ and AVPlayer+ are 100% API-compliant solutions that are easy to deploy, reducing service providers’ costs. The company’s proprietary OSMP+ solution is fully customizable, allowing service providers to offer a rich feature set.

VisualOn’s premium streaming media players accelerate the time-to-market for video services. Beyond playback, service providers can use VisualOn’s media players to monitor QoS, deliver targeted advertising, and ensure robust content protection. The future-proof solutions can seamlessly adapt to ecosystem changes such as OS upgrades, DRM updates, and new formats. A remote lab enables real-time, full-frame-rate debugging, testing, and simulation. VisualOn’s experienced support team provides engineering services to streamline integration, customization, optimization, and troubleshooting throughout the lifespan of a customer’s video streaming service.