Vinten and Electric Friends Announce Key Strategic Partnership

Tower Hero Shot

Videndum Production Solutions Inc (VPS), and Electric Friends AS have announced a strategic partnership agreement to launch a range of sleek, virtually cable-free robotic track systems into North and South America. The advanced Tower robotic solution with customizable design, innovative trolley system, and safe flush floor tracks will become available as part of a range of robotic broadcast studio systems from Vinten engineered by Electric Friends.
Based in Bergen, Norway, Electric Friends focus on creating robotic broadcast studio solutions that blend into, or become, striking features of studio set design. Its solutions developed for Norway’s TV2 have since been adopted by broadcasters across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

“We are delighted to partner with VPS to introduce our robotic studio products to the Americas,” said John Kjellevold, CEO Electric Friends. “Vinten’s strong reputation and deep-rooted relationships in the American broadcast industry open exciting new markets and opportunities for Electric Friends. Together, we can deliver solutions that combine unmatched technical innovation with elegant studio design to broadcasters across the region.”
Standing at seven feet, the sleek Tower track solution with customizable panels complements studio set designs. Compatible with standard box cameras, it offers precise control over pan, elevation, tilt, and lens adjustments. The Tower is engineered to support the Autoscript EVO-IP and EPIC-IP range of teleprompters, or an integrated direct view prompter and talent monitor, as well as a tally light.

The Tower base features a unique cable roll-in and roll-out mechanism for integrated cable management. An embedded single hybrid fiber cable and built-in fiber multiplexer allow transmission of conventional HD-SDI and SMPTE 3110 or other IP broadcast signals, and legacy control signals like TALLY as well as IP-based control, with a cable-free studio floor.

The exceptionally low profile of the tracks eliminates tripping hazards by effortlessly recessing into the studio floor. The system supports up to four Towers on one track and utilizes a patented steel wheel on rubber-rail solution for vertical and rotational stability. Available in both straight and curved configurations, the track can also be customized in various radiuses, colors, and finishes to match studio designs.

“This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide broadcasters with the most advanced and comprehensive range of robotic camera support systems,” said Nicola Dal Toso, Divisional CEO, Videndum Production Solutions. “Broadcasters in other global locations have already seamlessly integrated the Tower system with their Vinten robotic solutions, resulting in a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and efficient studio operation. By adding Electric Friends’ unique design-led technology to our range of advanced robotic broadcast studio solutions, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our customers and drive innovation in the broadcast industry.”

The Electric Friends-designed products are compatible with Vinten’s VEGA control system, launched at NAB 2023. VEGA combines world-class robotic control with enterprise class infrastructure features to redefine studio camera control. Precise creative control underpins a distinct visual identity, while technical teams can scale and automate with state-of-the-art options, including AI-driven Presenter Tracking powered by Seervision, and Voice control.

Visitors to NAB 2024 will see an exclusive first look at the Vinten Tower engineered by Electric Friends at the Videndum Production Solutions booth (C5817) in Central Hall. For more information, visit: