Viking Electronics Announces New Compact Emergency Phones

viking emergency phone

The new Viking Emergency single-button phones are ADA-compliant and are housed in a compact chassis. The phones are designed for campus or facility-wide integration — when an LED-lit button is pressed, the emergency phones automatically dial a pre-programmed phone number or central station number. The phones will roll to the next number if there is a busy signal or no answer and will continue to dial until the call is answered. A red “Call Connected” LED is built into the button and can be initiated manually or automatically to indicate the received call.

Viking’s compact emergency phones meet ADA standards for hands-free emergency communication in elevators, areas of refuge or any emergency phone. The ADA-compliant phones provide a single push-button auto dialer, call indicator light, prerecorded location announcement, and a tactile braille label. All programming parameters, including phone numbers and location numbers, are stored in non-volatile memory. The units are phone line-powered, requiring no batteries or external power and are compatible with common Central Station Monitoring equipment.

The compact phones are available in six different models: red, yellow, black, stainless steel or blue chassis with “Emergency Phone” verbiage, and a blue chassis with “Police” verbiage.

Here they all are: