Vanishing History

Just thought I’d post a reminder because of something that happened to me this week. Most of us in the industry have a tape library… show reels from previous shows, staff events, media clients have given us to composite into show reels, etc.

Just thought I would remind you all that mag tape is fading even as we speak. This comes from a personal effort to convert a bunch of my early Hi-8 tapes to digital. I waited too long, many of them are blank. They were all properly stored, but time marches on and magnetic impulses fade. So just a reminder to all of you out there – while you are looking at the 500 videos rAVe shot at the most recent show, think about what is fading on your shelves.

For those of you holding on to client materials, its a good time to give them a quote to do something digital and permanent with them. For your personal stuff, think about what YouTube will be missing if you don’t convert them.