Torus Power Partners with Manufacturer’s Rep Firms Performance Plus Marketing and Tandem Marketing

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TORONTO, ON, CANADA (April 16, 2024) Torus Power Inc. is pleased to announce that its full range of world-class isolation transformers is now available to residential dealers from two new manufacturer rep firms, Performance Plus Marketing and Tandem Marketing. Performance Plus Marketing will provide Torus Power products, as well as full-service training, design and technical support, to dealers in the Rockies; Tandem Marketing will offer the same convenient access to products, service and support to dealers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky. Performance Plus Marketing and Tandem Marketing share the same core belief as Torus about the growing importance of providing clean, reliable, stable power to high-end residential AV systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

“The damage inflicted on a home’s AV systems via dirty, unstable electrical power is more serious than many people realize. Voltage fluctuations will continue to plague the performance and longevity of residences, so it’s imperative dealers that include power conditioning solutions, like those from Torus Power, in their client proposals,” says Performance Plus Marketing president and owner Jason Felix. “By partnering with Torus Power, we can streamline this process for our dealers and provide the clean, stable, safe electrical power their customers deserve.”

Edward Talaski, principal of Tandem Marketing, echoes this sentiment. “By representing Torus Power, we give dealers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky an opportunity to deliver their customers the best possible AV performance despite massively unreliable electrical power. We look forward to building a strong, long-term partnership with Torus Power.”

Adds Torus Power president and COO Kevin Main, “Having the backing of reputable, knowledgeable manufacturer’s rep firms like Performance Plus Marketing and Tandem Marketing that are just as passionate about clean power as we are is a blessing. Now more than ever, homebuilders, designers and integrators must focus on providing safe, efficient power to their customers. Our new partnerships with Performance Plus Marketing and Tandem Marketing will help strengthen our presence and reputation as a leading resource of power-focused technology and solutions to these key stakeholders in the CI channel.”

Technology integrators are encouraged to contact Performance Plus Marketing at and Tandem Marketing at to learn more about their product offerings from Torus Power, as well as educational opportunities and service and support programs.

To better understand the difference clean, uninterrupted power can make in AV systems and learn why so many integration professionals and consultants rely on Torus Power to maximize and protect their installations, visit and follow Torus Power on Twitter and Facebook.

About Torus Power

Built to rigorous specifications in Toronto, Canada, Torus Power toroidal isolation transformers are the world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Dramatically increasing performance levels of connected AV components from video displays to amplifiers and powered speakers, Torus Power products utilize Plitron Manufacturing’s patented NBT technologies and medical-grade toroidal isolation transformers to eliminate power-line noise artifacts and protect equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events while increasing system reliability and extending product life. Torus Power products deliver higher levels of instantaneous current which ensures that dynamic components and high-performance systems are never compromised, nor starved for power.  For additional information, visit and follow Torus Power on Twitter and Facebook.

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