The Truth About the ProAV Market

proavmarketrealities 0610

InfoComm 2010 should be a call; a call forproavmarketrealities-0610 opportunity, a call for progress and a call to wake up and smell the IT coffee. That’s right, the IT market (and the HomeAV market in some respects) is feasting on the ProAV channel. Not the entire channel, just the big-growth areas (e.g., digital signage, meeting room market, etc).  We are stuck, in some cases, in a 1990s model of designing and building systems while the market is quickly leveraging 21st century technologies. You may not agree with all of this, but I hope you did take notice of the amazing array of IT-based AV products (systems products) on display from just about every ProAV manufacturer. Streaming video, IP-enabled, IT/AV convergence – whatever you want to call it, the integration of AV via IP is here and sitting on our doorstep. Who’s answering the call first?

With that in mind, we created this ProAV Market Realities Video. Watch it, play it for your industry colleagues and forward it to your industry friends – and, if you want to embed it into a presentation of your own, go right ahead – we’ve even posted it in 1080p resolution – if you want it.