The Art of Standing

alyse lifesize 0112 225x3001

alyse-lifesize-0112Here at ISE, it’s not just the products that take the spotlight.

It’s easy to see that the way companies set up their stands, decorate and make offerings for attendees is almost as elaborate as the products themselves. The majority of booths are a sleek black or white color with modern and simple graphic displays. The most unique booth displays were one that had flower wallpaper straight from the ‘70s, one with a laser display that utilized the company’s own technology to create wall decor, and one that had created the boundaries of its booth by hanging thin strings.

Some booths host multiple levels. Product displays take place on the ground floor while a conference space or café sits on the second floor, creating an atmosphere perfect for socializing away from the bottom buzz.

Brands offered a variety of free giveaways ranging from water bottles to coffee to life-size chocolate bars to shots of vodka. On a not-so-free, but necessary touch, one stand in Hallway 7 offered 10-minute messages for 10 Euro.

My personal favorite booth was LifeSize. The company’s display was a set of stairs with sets of small tables and chairs on either side that was used to seat attendees during product demos, which took place on the floor in front. It served multiple purposes and took the eye of every passerby in Hall 12. Much like the cover of a book or the wrapper of a candy bar, the first impression an attendee gets of a company’s brand is their booth, so it must go above and beyond to stand out in the crowd.