Tech Chaos Episode 5: Eye of the Beholder: Certifications

techchaos750x400Alexis La Broi (@AlexisLaBroi) and Bradford Benn (@BradfordBenn) join host Christa Bender (@AVChrista) to discuss industry and manufacturer certifications.

Alexis discusses how she was inspired at the WIN breakfast at InfoComm15 to pursue her CTS certification. Alexis describes how she started in the rental and staging side of the industry and eventually made her way to the integration side. Christa and Alexis discuss how the InfoComm CTS prep exam helped them both to study for the exam.

Bradford actually agrees that the CTS is a good core basis of knowledge! He also describes how his employer, Harman, provides training and certification for integrators.  After a slight glitch, Bradford provides the correct website for Harman-related training

Christa, Alexis, and Bradford decide to start an #AVBookClub!

All of these topics and more can be heard on this episode of Tech Chaos.