TCI Announces Its Exhibition Plans for 2016, to Debut at Display Week

Twinwill-logo4TAIPEI, Taiwan – Twinwill Communtech Inc. (“TCI”), Taiwan’s leading touch solutions provider, announced their exhibition plans for 2016. In addition to participating in the Las Vegas Digital Signage Expo (“DSE”) and Electronica in Munich, Germany, the company will also for the first time take part in Display Week 2016, which is being hosted by The Society for Information Display (“SID”) in the United States.

Under the support of their parent company, Twinwill Optronics Inc. (TOI), TCI specializes in developing their own brand of touch products and are devoted to integrating key technologies with high-end customized services. In 2016 they will show their expertise at international professional exhibitions.

TCI believes that in addition to giving exposure to their specialized products and services and establishing clients in the European and North American regions, their goals for next year will be to participate in exchanges at exhibitions in order to gain an understanding of European and American market trends and to consider new directions for product applications.

TCI pointed out that they will do this in coordination with the launch of a full series of their own brand’s capacitive touch panel product lines, such as small and medium sized standard capacitive touch panels, large sized touch panels, and large sized high brightness LCDs.

In March 2016 at DSE in the United States they will first exhibit their achievements, such as their high brightness LCD, large sized touch solutions, as well as their specialized high end technologies, including their glove mode, water resistive, and hovering mode. They will also exhibit large sized and outdoor display technologies which are very suitable for digital signage applications.

Shortly afterwards in May, TCI will also travel to San Francisco, USA to participate in Display Week. The conference will focus on wearable displays, OLED, HDTV, and all types of touch and interactive technologies and prospective applications. It will be the first time that TCI makes an appearance at this type of global display-related industry event.

Finally, in November, the company will participate in Electronica in Munich, Germany, which is an electronics components exhibition of great importance in Europe. In addition to touch applications, it will also include a number of industries related to touch applications, such as automobiles, embedded systems, and wireless technologies. 

TCI will separately focus on the above-mentioned exhibition topics and make plans to participate in exhibitions of suitable and competitive solutions.

TCI stated that on the stable foundation developed in their first year they are confident that next year they will be able to continue to create success with more complete product lines and competitiveness of upstream and downstream technologies integration in order to provide the most reliable touch solutions for worldwide clients.