Winterizing Your Tech

winterizing your tech

Did you know that 92 percent of adults own a cell phone? And, 68 percent of adults own a smartphone?  What about that half of all Americans own a tablet? And, 73 percent own a laptop or desktop?

I think it’s safe to say that this post will be of use to a large percentage of tech users living in frigid areas, like myself.  Share these tips with your friends and family so they too can make it through the winter with their technology by their side.

With winter upon us, freezing temperatures and snow storms are just a couple of inconveniences we will have to deal with in the next four months.  Mother Nature is unpredictable and doesn’t care about your expensive tech devices, but I know you do.  Here are some essential tips to think about when using your smartphones, tablets, computers, or whatever gadget you may be using during the cold winter months.

  1. Cold weather is bad for screens – Your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen are no match against the freezing temperatures of winter. The cold temperatures make your tech screens more susceptible to break or shatter, so make sure to keep your devices bundled up when outside or in your car.
  2. Keep a charger on hand at all times – The performance of lithium-ion batteries suffers when exposed to cold temperatures. Cold weather drains your batteries much faster, make sure to always keep an extra charger in your car and at work so you don’t run into being phoneless. The winter months are very unpredictable and you don’t want to be stranded in freezing temperatures without a way to call for help.
  3. Do not leave devices in a parked car – Leaving tech devices in your car for lengthy periods of time will cause damage to your screens and could even freeze your hard drive, destroying all your hard work and memories saved. If there’s some reason you have to leave your device in your cold car, make sure it is wrapped up in blankets, jackets, or whatever you have to keep it from freezing.
  4. Allow warm up time before turning it on – Turning on your device right away after being out in the cold can be a risky choice. Condensation can occur, which can ruin your gadgets insides. I’ve learned that water damage is not covered, as I’m sure many of you can relate. Be patient and give your device some time to warm up from the cold.

I’ve covered the basics of winterizing your devices, and hope this post helps save gadgets from freezing.

Do you have any helpful tips to keeping technology safe in the winter months?