ClearOne Debuts WS800 M550 RF Range Wireless Microphone System at InfoComm to Comply With New FCC Rules


ClearOne announced a new WS800 M550 Wireless Microphone System that operates in the 537-563 MHz range in response to new FCC rules limiting the use of certain frequencies in North America. The new WS800 M550 model is necessary to give integrators a full range of frequency options as new FCC rules will require any products […]

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ClearOne Shows New DIALOG 20 Two-Channel Wireless Microphone System


ClearOne has a new tiny mic called the DIALOG 20. The two-channel DIALOG 20 wireless microphone product line by empowering smaller venues on smaller budgets needing smaller numbers of mics — such as training rooms, presentation venues, and offices. Leveraging ClearOne’s “spread” spectrum technology within the 2.4 GHz unlicensed spectrum, DIALOG 20 has some advantages […]

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CAD Audio Debuts StageSelect 1600 Series UHF Wireless


CAD Audio has introduced the new StageSelect 1600 Series UHF high performance wireless system. The StageSelect system features frequency agile UHF operation for maximum operating range along with CAD ScanLink technology to precisely scan, select and link to the optimum channel in any RF environment. The system also includes True Diversity operation to minimize multi-path […]

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ClearOne Adds New Two-Channel Wireless Microphone System


ClearOne is introducing the new compact two-channel DIALOG 20 mic system at InfoComm. Using adaptive frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology within the 2.4 GHz unlicensed spectrum, DIALOG 20 has some advantages over fixed frequency transmission. First, DIALOG 20 is resistant to narrowband interference because it switches frequency using a pseudo-random sequence. Second, this sequencing makes the […]

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ClearOne’s New Digital Wireless Microphone Systems Specifically for the European Market


ClearOne has released five new models of digital wireless microphones for use within the member countries of the European Union. These new mics comply with new European telecommunications regulations. ClearOne’s digital wireless microphones are ideal for both conferencing and live performance applications with any DSP mixer. They are optimized to work with ClearOne CONVERGE Pro […]

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HARMAN’s AKG Launches WMS420 Wireless Microphone System


HARMAN’s AKG today launched the WMS420 wireless system, a single-channel wireless system designed for smaller venues such as schools, town halls and houses of worship. There are four targeted product packages: Vocal Set with AKG D5 handheld microphone, Head-worn Set with AKG C555L, Lavalier Set with AKG C417 and Instrument Set with AKG MKG L […]

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