ClearOne Shows New DIALOG 20 Two-Channel Wireless Microphone System

ClearOne has a new tiny mic called the DIALOG 20. The two-channel DIALOG 20 wireless microphone product line by empowering smaller venues on smaller budgets needing smaller numbers of mics — such as training rooms, presentation venues, and offices.

Leveraging ClearOne’s “spread” spectrum technology within the 2.4 GHz unlicensed spectrum, DIALOG 20 has some advantages over fixed-frequency transmission. Its power-packed design is inherently resistant to narrowband interference because it uses a pseudo-random sequence to switch frequency; this makes frequency-hopping signals extremely tough to intercept. The use of 128-bit AES encryption on each hopped frequency further secures the wireless audio transmission.

Receivers may be mounted on a rack shelf, a wall, or a ceiling, and are easily configured and monitored using a software application. DIALOG 20 comes equipped with an integrated antenna and offers an option to extend the antennae up to 25 feet away. The DIALOG 20 also features four transmitter options: one handheld, two belt-packs, three gooseneck podiums and four tabletop versions with programmable buttons — along with several additional options for each transmitter type.

Here are the details.