ClearOne Adds New Two-Channel Wireless Microphone System

DIALOG20familyGroup-0616ClearOne is introducing the new compact two-channel DIALOG 20 mic system at InfoComm. Using adaptive frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology within the 2.4 GHz unlicensed spectrum, DIALOG 20 has some advantages over fixed frequency transmission. First, DIALOG 20 is resistant to narrowband interference because it switches frequency using a pseudo-random sequence. Second, this sequencing makes the frequency-hopping signals very difficult to intercept. Third, the use of 128 bit AES encryption on each hopped frequency further secures the wireless audio transmission.

The unlicensed spectrum allows DIALOG 20 users to employ the same model with the same frequency plan worldwide, without being concerned about regulatory frequency restrictions or limitations by locale or country. DIALOG 20 comes with four transmitter options: handheld, belt-pack, gooseneck podium, and tabletop version with programmable buttons.

Each of the microphone transmitters has additional options suitable for any application. The podium has six-, 12-, and 18-inch gooseneck options. The handheld offers cardioid, super-cardioid and hyper-cardioid heads. The belt-pack has clip-on and headset versions, while the tabletop boundary transmitter offers omni and cardioid mics.

While the new DIALOG 20 works seamlessly with all commercially available mixers, it boasts additional features when natively interfacing with ClearOne’s new CONVERGE Pro 2 or new Beamforming Microphone Array 2. These features include powering DIALOG 20 receivers from a CONVERGE Pro 2 mixer or Beamforming Microphone Array 2 as well as daisy-chaining up to three DIALOG 20 receivers. When not connected to CONVERGE Pro 2, the wireless receiver can be powered through either the micro USB port or PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector.

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The receivers may be mounted on a rack shelf, a wall or ceiling.  Equipped with an integrated antenna, DIALOG 20 offers an option to extend the antennae up to 20 feet away. The receivers can be configured and monitored using a Windows software application. ClearOne says a Mac OS version is coming soon.

Here are all the tech specs.