Videotel Digital Intros New Cloud Service for Alternative Media Player Connectivity


Videotel Digital introduced Cloud Mobile Connect, a solution for alternative connectivity requiring only a mobile cell network hotspot device. Vidotel Digital’s VP90XD media player can be paired with StudioPro’s cloud service at no cost to supply coverage in remote locations that do not have an internet connection, simply by using a mobile cell network hotspot […]

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Videotel Digital Updates Touchless WAVE Solution


Videotel Digital has improved its Touchless WAVE digital signage solution to integrate both its VP71XD and VP90 4K HD interactive media players. And, you an also use it with most digital signage media players with some simple customization. WAVE, a proximity sensor that requires no direct line of sight, was originally designed to touchlessly trigger […]

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Videotel Digital Adds Infrared Buttons to Its Touchless Interactive Products


Videotel Digital has now added Infrared “Touchless” Buttons to its full array of touchless interactive products. Because today’s consumers are now reluctant to interact with public-facing surfaces, Videotel Digital offers a choice of touchless alternatives that allow customers to continue to interact with no fear of contamination. Videotel’s MOVE, SENSE, WAVE, TAP and QR give […]

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Digital Signage Manufacturer Videotel Set to Exhibit and Display its Product Line at the Digital Signage Expo 2019


An exhibitor of previous year’s DSE Expo, on March 26th-29th Videotel Digital will showcase their latest product line. Networking with potential resellers, businesses, and individual clients from around the world, Videotel’s executive management team will share their unique solutions live on the show room floor. Their products include a full line of industrial digital signage […]

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Videotel Digital Launches New Industrial-Grade Auto Looping DVD Player with Touch Panel Smart Technology


Videotel Digital announced the launch of the HD2600 XD industrial-grade looping DVD player. But, instead of using what’s known as membrane switches, the HD2600 XD has face plate technology. Referred to by Videotel Digital as a “touch panel,” the new feature is much like the technology used on smartphones. An upgraded version of Videotel’s legacy […]

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Videotel Intros New HD2700 D Industrial Looping DVD Player


Videotel Digital announced the release of their newest looping industrial dvd player, the HD2700 D. It’s a DVD player that’s used with Videotel’s IPM, IPH and interactive module options to enhance content. Allowing the user to uniquely trigger content with LED push buttons, motion, proximity and weight sensors. Now informative marketing or educational messages can […]

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Videotel Digital Launches VP71XD Rugged Digital Signage Media Player


Videotel Digital announced the launch of the VP71XD Industrial Looping Media Player with built in Scheduler to time content. In keeping with the company’s rugged product line, the industrial grade player has an estimated lifespan of over six years of continuous play. Seamlessly looping video, audio, images and photos the digital signage player enhances brand […]

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