Videotel Digital Launches New Industrial-Grade Auto Looping DVD Player with Touch Panel Smart Technology

0001365_hd2600-xd-industrial-grade-looping-dvd-player-0117Videotel Digital announced the launch of the HD2600 XD industrial-grade looping DVD player. But, instead of using what’s known as membrane switches, the HD2600 XD has face plate technology. Referred to by Videotel Digital as a “touch panel,” the new feature is much like the technology used on smartphones.

An upgraded version of Videotel’s legacy HD2600 DVD player, the new design can trigger an auto-start and auto-repeat in only two modes, rather than the four it used to take (in addition to a manual mode). The new DVD player will also bypass menus and previews and instantly play the main feature of a movie in Title Mode.

All the complete specs are here.