Tributaries New HDMI Cables Are 18Gig


Tributaries just launched the UHDT TITAN line of HDMI cables. The TITAN series uses two new patented developments in HDMI signal transfer: a metallurgy which enables longer lengths of passive cables and active electronics equipped with a DDC accelerator and three discrete internal power supplies. The development of a passive HDMI cable that can transport 18Gbps up to 26 […]

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Digital Projection Intros 1080p LED Titan


At CEDIA, Digital Projection International (DPI) announced the TITAN 1080p LED 3D projector, which the company says is the world’s first combination of 3-chip DLP imaging and solid-state LED illumination. Utilizing Texas Instruments’ DarkChip DLP technology, DPI’s new TITAN 1080p LED 3D is spec’d at 2,000 lumens and lists for $79,995. The benefits of LED […]

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20K-Lumen DPI Titan Projector Debuted


Digital Projection International (DPI) has expanded its flagship TITAN projector line with a series that’s specified to deliver 20,000 lumens — the TITAN Quad 2000 series. Termed the ‘Super Quad,’ the Quad 2000 platform incorporates DPI’s image warp and blend capabilities, three native resolutions, active 3D connectivity, as well as a bunch of features aimed […]

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