What Happened to Proxima Is a Business School Case of How NOT to Merge Two Companies


On the day that InFocus shocked the AV industry and announced they’d bought its largest competitor, I was actually there. It was Monday, March 6, 2000 — I remember the details of the day very well but my old Franklin Planner helped me keep track of the date for the purpose of this article. Let me […]

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TFCinfo’s Annual Projector Brand Strength Report Highlights Winners And Improvements in the Projection Industry


TFCinfo today announced the release of its “Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2018.” This report marks the 16th year that this annual projector brand benchmarking study has been conducted. TFCinfo’s report not only measures the strength of multimedia projector brands in the five most important market segments in the AV industry (large corporations, SMB-small and medium business, SOHU-small office/home user, education […]

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AVIXA Releases Global AV Industry Trends Analysis


AVIXA has released its 2017 AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) Global Summary. The report provides an economic outlook through 2022 for the AV industry worldwide, including the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. The Global Summary report, conducted by London-based IHS Markit on behalf of AVIXA, is the final report in the IOTA series, which includes […]

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Global Sales of Solid State Projectors Soar 17 Percent Year-on-Year in CY Q2 2016


Futuresource Consulting has revealed its latest insights into the worldwide projector market which highlight that the market has declined 4.6 percent year-on-year in CY Q2 2016 to 1.76 million units, with value falling 5.6 percent to $2 billion. Despite value falling further than volume for another consecutive quarter, the disparity is far weaker than previously […]

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Futuresource Proves Accuracy of its Forecasting — Expects Projector Market Value to Climb


Despite the numerous and varied factors impacting the projector market, Futuresource continues to predict the development of volume sales with supreme accuracy. In Q1 2014, Futuresource forecasted that the global projector market in 2015 was set to hit 7.6 million units — the actual number was 7.67 million units – a difference of just -0.9 […]

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TFCinfo’s Annual Projector Brand Strength Report Shows EPSON Still Dominates


TFCinfo today announced the release of its “Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2016.” This report marks the 14th year that this annual projector brand benchmarking study has been conducted. TFCinfo’s report not only measures the strength of multimedia projector brands in the five most important market segments in the AV industry (large corporations, […]

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Is Delta Displays Smart Enough to Pull it Off – Or Has It Already?


You are likely using a Delta Displays projector — or have recently. But I’ll bet you that you didn’t even know it. How’s this possible? Well, they are one of the largest OEMs of projectors in the world. They have made projectors for Hitachi, NEC, Christie, Barco, BenQ (even though no one know this, it’s […]

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EPSON, NEC and Panasonic Dominate 2015 Projector Brand Survey


TFCinfo today announced highlights of its yearly “Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2015.” This report marks the 14th year that this annual projector brand benchmarking study has been conducted. Results of TFCinfo’s new report reveal significant movement among projector competitors in the three measurable areas of brand strength: awareness, image and intent. These […]

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2014 Worldwide Projector Market Ends Year with Q4 Volumes Up 3 Percent


Almost every country witnessed a rise in projector sales in 2014, with volumes for the year up 8 percent ‘YoY’ to 8.3 million units. The market benefited from several factors: strong promotional sales around the World Cup; increased demand for SVGA product (not only in developing countries but also in key established ones as the […]

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TFCinfo’s 2015 Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study Hits Market


TFCinfo today announced the completion of its “Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2015.” This is the 13th year that this annual projector brand benchmarking study has been conducted to measure projector brand strength among experienced projector users and purchasers across the five most important market segments in the AV industry: large corporations, small/medium […]

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Q2 2014 Global Projector Market Grows 17 Percent in Volume


Global projector shipments grew a staggering 17 percent in volume YoY in Q2, to two million units and in value terms the market grew 9 percent to hit $2.4 billion, according to the latest quarterly research from Futuresource Consulting. “The global projector market benefited from strong World Cup promotional activity, particularly in Western Europe and […]

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Q1 2014 Global Projector Market Grows 7 Percent ‘YoY’ in Both Volume and Value


By Claire Kerrison Market Analyst, Futuresource Consulting The Q1 2014 worldwide projector market grew 7 percent in volume compared to the same period a year ago, to 1.87 million units, according to the latest round of research from Futuresource Consulting. In value terms, the market also grew by 7 percent to reach $2.3 billon. An […]

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Worldwide Shipments of Front Projectors Reaches $2.63 Billion


Worldwide shipments of front projectors grew reasonably year-over-year by 6 percent to 2.12 million units in CYQ4 2013, representing $2.63 billion in value, according to the latest research from Futuresource Consulting. In 2013, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) quarterly performance in CYQ4 posted a 4 percent year-on-year volume growth to reach 702,000 units. Although […]

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Epson Now Holds 39 Percent of Projector Market Share in U.S.


According to PMA Research, Epson continues to hold the number one position in North America for 2013 with a market share of 39 percent, representing a five-point increase year-over-year. With positive revenue growth four years in a row, Epson had the largest total revenue increase in the North American projector market in 2013 with a […]

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March Projector Sales – Top 5 in Each Category


PMA Research has posted its recent Projector Tracking Service results to the “Top Selling Projectors” area of its website. For more than 15 years now, PMA Research has collected monthly sell-through data from leading North American projector dealers, retailers, web resellers and distributors. Its Tracking Service family of monthly reports offers timely sell-through data and analysis on unit […]

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PMA Reports Projector Market Hit 9.5 Million in 2012


PMA Research just released its latest research findings on the worldwide projector market. Total projector volume reached 9.5 million in 2012, a mild increase over 2011 as growth in emerging market countries was mainly offset by challenging conditions in developed markets. In the Mainstream (1,000-3,999 lumens) projector market, education tenders continued to boost sales in […]

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HP to Exit Projector Market

By Steve Sechrist One of our European contacts sent over a news tip today confirming rumors that HP is exiting the digital projector market. According to David Edwards, an HP Image and Print Group spokesperson, the company has decided to “shift focus” of its commercial projector business from projection to display solutions. He went on […]

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