Q2 2014 Global Projector Market Grows 17 Percent in Volume

FuturesourceLogo_300dpi-0814Global projector shipments grew a staggering 17 percent in volume YoY in Q2, to two million units and in value terms the market grew 9 percent to hit $2.4 billion, according to the latest quarterly research from Futuresource Consulting.

“The global projector market benefited from strong World Cup promotional activity, particularly in Western Europe and North America, in both B2C and B2B channels,” says Claire Kerrison, market analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “Several vendors used the event as a vehicle to highlight the ever-decreasing price of 1080p, sales of which increased 63 percent YoY in home display applications to 142,000 units. However, recent price reductions have also caused a surge in demand for 1080p in corporate displays and institutional applications, which witnessed sales of 1080p rise by 125 percent and 327 percent, respectively YoY.

“Consequently, XGA continues to lose market share as it fails to remain competitive, worldwide Q2 sales remained flat at less than 1 percent growth, and now only account for 39 percent of the market.”


The Q2 2014 EMEA market grew 32 percent in volume compared to the same period a year ago, to 611,000 units and in value terms, the market grew by 20 percent to hit $668 million.

Sell-in volumes were propelled by World Cup promotional activity in both retail and B2B channels and the ever-decreasing price of 1080p, sales of which increased 104 percent YoY in home display applications to 67,000 units. However, growth was not retained here, with corporate displays and institutional applications witnessing a 1080p sales rise of 230 percent and 998 percent, respectively.

There was a clear correlation between market performance and the strength of the country’s retail channel – Germany, Italy and the Netherlands boasted some of the highest rates of volume growth, with a combined YoY average of 64 percent.

Shipments in Eastern Europe remained flat, with only less than 1 percent growth in volume YoY, to 72,000 units. Value fell by 3 percent to $73 million and declines were largely retained to Russia and Ukraine, where macro-economic and political factors are severely impacting market performance.

Shipments in the Middle East and Africa hit 150,000 units in Q2, representing growth of 42 percent. The market benefited from deliveries of several major projects over the period and strong run-dates in the UAE and African states, including Nigeria.

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Projector shipments in APAC grew 10 percent YoY in volume, to 827,000 units and increased in value by 5 percent, to $933 million.

“The market growth is the result of several factors: increased run-rates of SVGA products, mainly in China, India and Indonesia, burgeoning demand for 1080p, which has been driven by recent price reductions, and the delivery of numerous tenders, most notably in Japan, Malaysia and India,” says Kerrison.

1080p now comprises 5 percent of the overall APAC market, up 1.5 percent points from Q2 2013 (an increase in volume of 58 percent YoY). Similar to EMEA, the ASP of 1080p has dropped 14 percent compared with the same period a year ago, and this rapid decline has impacted other resolutions, with XGA also being squeezed, with Q2 volumes increasing just 4 percent YoY.


The Americas market in Q2 grew 14 percent YoY in volume, to 631,000 units and 4% in value, to $767 million. Once again, shipments benefited from World Cup promotional activity (though the level of activity was lower than that seen in Western Europe) coupled with the delivery of several projects (particularly in Argentina, Mexico and Caribbean states) and, as in APAC and EMEA, an increase in run-rates of SVGA products — sales of which increased 28 percent YoY.

The Americas were no exception to the rapid price declines of 1080p witnessed worldwide in Q2. The ASP of 1080p dropped 21 percent, with sales increasing 34 percent YoY, to 58,000 units. The increase in sales was most notable in the USA, where shipments grew 38 percent YoY in home display, and 63 percent and 29 percent in corporate and institutional applications, respectively.

The Q2 global volume and value data, by specification is now available as a data file. The 155 page report, which provides forecasts to 2018, profiles the key regions and reviews the latest developments in the competitive landscape and product features.

Here is the complete report.