Everything is Becoming Software (And That’s a Good Thing)


I recently had an interesting conversation with someone in the product design space at a university that I wanted to share — and get your thoughts about. He asked, “You used to be a professor — should my students take computer science even if they don’t want to be programmers?” My answer probably won’t surprise […]

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Organically Certified Displays: OLED May Become Cheaper (And More Organic)


Recent research has discovered a new approach to Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) that may reduce or eliminate the need for the rare (and costly) metals needed to manufacture OLED displays. Thanks to collaborative research at Regensburg, University of Bonn, University of Utah, and MIT — the cost and impact of OLED displays will be […]

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Mersive’s Solstice Display Software Integrates with AV Control Systems


Mersive announced this week the availability of the Solstice Open Control Communication Protocol, which allows integration between Solstice Display Software with in-room AV control panels from vendors such as Crestron and AMX. With this integration interface, users can control their Solstice displays from their room control panel. Introduced in March 2013, Mersive’s Solstice software enables […]

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Hardware is Dead! Long Live Hardware! In Defense of the Appliance, and a Look Ahead at Software Solutions


Last week Ryan Pinke joined a new tradition in proclaiming the video conference Codec dead. In my own look ahead I posited a potential future free of boxes, in which software solutions largely replace dedicated appliances. Is Pinke right on this one? Have we reached, or are we nearing the end of hardware? I don’t […]

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Mersive Takes on Crestron (and Barco)


In a challenge to Crestron’s AirMedia wireless room system and Barco’s ClickShare, Mersive has taken an aggressive approach to marketing its Solstice software-based solution. In calling the Crestron AirMedia a, “proprietary piece of hardware” and “difficult to update or maintain,” Mersive is pitting itself against a giant in room control and signal distribution. Mersive even […]

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AVPhenom’s Blessings and Turkeys of 2013


I sat down last night with the intent of writing my 2nd Annual Thanksgiving post on the AV Industry’s “Blessings” and “Turkeys” for 2013.  Upon sitting down to write, I found out that one of the hardest things to feign is “righteous indignation”.  I just wasn’t feeling it. This morning, while helping some integrators get […]

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Mersive Solstice 1.2 Ships


Mersive’s Solstice 1.2 will ship next week. It includes enterprise-wide display management and increased video performance, as well as these three features: Centralized Display Management: Solstice Dashboard enables IT administrators to configure, manage and monitor the status of Solstice displays throughout the enterprise from a central location. The dashboard provides control over license management, security […]

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The Multi-Projector Era has Arrived!


By Christopher Jaynes, PhD Founder and CTO of Mersive The multi-projector era has arrived! The VESA standards organization recently voted to support the Multiple Projector Common Data Interchange (MPCDI) standard. This is the same organization that developed a majority of the video standards in use today including DisplayPort. Mersive and a host of other companies […]

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Mersive Debuts Solstice 1.1


Yesterday Mersive announced a new version of Solstice software (version 1.1). Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices and applications over an existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, which fundamentally changes how people are able to use displays in meeting rooms. Three key new features of Solstice […]

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3M Announces Collaboration with Mersive Aimed at Creating a New Class of Displays


Last week, 3M New Ventures (3M’s corporate venture unit) and Mersive announced a strategic development and equity agreement that will bring a new class of displays that foster visual collaboration to a broad range of customers. “Advances in graphics processing technology are resulting in the creation of more pixels than ever before. However, viewing more […]

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