Mersive Finally Does Android Mirroring on Solstice

4k-ultra-hd-0515Mersive has added Android mirroring on their Solstice wireless presentation and BYOD collaboration system.

Dubbed the Solstice Pod, the newest addition to the Solstice wireless presentation and collaboration product line combining Solstice Software with an Android-based hardware platform to create a wireless media streaming solution for collaboration in meeting rooms and classrooms.

Both Solstice Software and the Solstice Pod feature Android mirroring support from mobile devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. The addition of Android mirroring support with Solstice further expands the ability for users to share content seamlessly from their mobile devices to the Solstice display without the need for video cables, increasing the flow of information in the meeting room for improved collaboration and decision making.

Features on the Solstice Pod:

  • Unlimited users sharing unlimited content
  • Android Mirroring support on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Desktop streaming with synchronous audio
  • Native support for 4K displays
  • Remote configuration via a web browser
  • Continuous software upgrade path
  • Built-in WAP capabilities

The Solstice Pod lists for $799 for the Small Group Edition (SGE) version and $999 for the Unlimited users version. Here are the details.