Kramer Adds Two New DisplayPort Distribution Amplifiers


Kramer Electronics introduced today the VM-2DP and the VM-4DP DisplayPort Distribution Amplifiers. The VM-2DP 1:2 DisplayPort Distribution Amplifier accepts a DisplayPort (DP) input signal and distributes it to two DisplayPort (DP) outputs, while the 1:4 VM-4DP distributes a DP signal to four DP outputs. Both offer a maximum data rate of 10.8Gbps (2.7Gbps per graphic […]

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Kramer Adds New 14-Input Multi-Format Presentation Switcher


Kramer Electronics has announced a new member of Kramer’s line of multi−format switchers, the VP−28. The VP−28 is a 14−input presentation switcher that handles composite video, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, computer graphics video and stereo audio and microphone signals. The VP−28 operates as a 3×1 composite video, 3×1 HDMI, 3×1 computer graphics video, 3×1 DVI−I and […]

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Kramer Intros VS-808TP 8×8 Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher


Kramer’s new VS−808TP 8X8 is a twisted pair matrix switcher with eight inputs and eight outputs for remote connection with the TP−133/TP−134 transmitter/receiver pair. An additional, switchable VGA, stereo audio and RS232 local input (built−in transmitter) and output (built−in receiver) allows direct connection of the signals (analog video up to WUXGA, audio and RS232) with […]

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Kramer Enters Digital Signage Market By Taking Over ComQi’s Hardware Department


Kramer Electronics has announced what is being called a “license agreement” with ComQi. What does it mean? Well, I spoke with Sharon Sonesh, the product and marketing communications manager just a few minutes ago, and she told me that Kramer is basically taking over the manufacturing of all of ComQi’s hardware and now ComQi will […]

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Kramer Introduces the VP-790 8-Input Digital Scaler/Switcher With Genlock


Kramer’s newest scaler is the VP-790 ProScale, a digital scaler/switcher that adds 3G HD-SDI signal processing and genlock capability. The unit takes one of the inputs, scales the video, embeds the audio and outputs the signal to the computer graphics, DVI/HDMI and 3G HD-SDI outputs simultaneously. With its genlock, the VP-790 is aimed at live […]

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Kramer Introduces 8×8 DVI Matrix


Kramer’s new VS−88DTP is a twisted pair-based matrix switcher for DVI signals. According to Kramer, it reclocks and equalizes the signal and has a maximum input data rate of 1.65Gbps, and is therefore HDTV compatible. The VS−88DTP has eight DVI−D inputs on DVI−I connectors, and eight DGKat twisted pair outputs (Kramer’s use of HDBaseT) on […]

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Kramer Debuts HDMI Pattern Generator


Kramer’s new 840Hxl HDMI test pattern generator can generate 32 preset patterns, including several unique patterns incorporating motion, at 16 popular predefined resolutions — and, it has the ability to setup and store seven user-defined resolutions. The 840Hxl can be used not only as a basic pattern generator, but also as an advanced HDMI troubleshooting […]

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Kramer Intros Kramer CORE End-to-End Digital Switching and Routing Solution


Last month Kramer introduced the Kramer CORE – an end-to-end solution for switching and routing digital signals over long distances via HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and VGA. The heart of the product is the multi-format digital router, and Kramer introduced three new ones at InfoComm. The family of three multi-format modular routers, the VS-1616D, VS-3232D and […]

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Kramer Adds New Master Room Controller


Kramer’s new RC−74DL master room controller can function either as a standalone unit that controls room facilities such as lights, screens, drapes, etc., or as part of a more demandingK−Net room control system. The RC−74DL includes 12 configurable, multi-color front panel buttons with unique LCD text button group labels. Each button of the unit supports the ability to hold multiple […]

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Kramer Launches New Scaler


Kramer has just announced a new scaler, the VP-417, that’s a simple, old-fashioned scaler that takes composite video or S-Video signals and converts them to HDTV, VGA or DVI-D signals at 1080p. The VP-417 has selectable aspect ratio settings for both 4:3 and 16:9 formats, a built-in ProcAmp for video gain, brightness, contrast, color, hue […]

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Kramer Intros Compact Line Transmitter/Receiver Set for DVI Signals


Kramer Electronics has announced the introduction of the PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP twisted pair transmitter and receiver for DVI signals.  The PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP can transmit DVI signals directly over a twisted pair cable (shielded twisted pair cables are recommended).  The PT-571HDCP and PT-572HDCP offer a compact and inexpensive solution for DVI signal transmission over long […]

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Kramer Launches EDID Emulator


As part of the Kramer TOOLS line, the new VA-1VGAN captures and emulates the EDID data of a display.  EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a data-structure consisting of 128 pieces of information that a display provides to the graphics card of a connected computer source. The EDID describes the display’s capabilities so that the […]

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Kramer Shows New 9-Input Scaler at InfoComm


Dubbed the ProScale, there are two models in this new line-up from Kramer, the VP-728 and VP-729.  Integrated with HQV image processing, the switcher/scalers are both HDCP-compliant, have picture-in-picture and split screen capabilities, 4 universal inputs, 2 PC inputs, 2 HDMI inputs and 1 USB port (for JPG data).  Everything’s scaled to the output resolution […]

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Kramer Introduces HDMI Products

Kramer introduced an HDMI repeater, HDMI flat cables, and HDMI wall plates. The PT-101HDMI repeater supports HDMI version 1.3a video, and extends the HDMI transmission range to 50 feet for 1080p. The repeater supports a maximum data rate of 2.25 Gbps. Several repeaters can be used in a single installation to increase the signal distance […]

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New Twisted Pair Products From Kramer

Kramer introduced the TP-50 twisted pair receiver and distribution amplifier for computer graphics video and unbalanced stereo audio or S/PDIF audio signals. The TP-50 is designed specifically for presentation and multimedia applications needing long-range distribution. This product is both a receiver and a distribution amplifier, and converts the twisted pair signal back into two computer […]

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New Kramer Twisted Pair Distribution Amplifier Transmits One Video Signal Over 10 Outputs

Kramer introduced the TP-210 distribution amplifier for computer graphics video signals over twisted pair outputs. The TP-210 will accept computer graphics video signals with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher. It takes one input and provides 10 identical RJ-45 twisted pair outputs, as well as 2 computer graphics video outputs on 15-pin HD […]

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Computer Graphics Video, Component Video, Travel the Distance With Kramer TP-45/TP-46 Twisted Pair C

Kramer Electronics announced two new products in its twisted pair line of long distance audio/video products. The TP-45 transmitter and TP-46 receiver are compact products that allow routing of either computer graphics video or component video, along with either unbalanced analog stereo audio or S/PDIF digital audio signals over UTP CAT-5. This transmitter and receiver […]

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Kramer Introduces HDMI Distribution Amps for Large Networks

The new HDMI distribution amplifiers for Kramer include the VM-28HDMI 2 input 1:8 HDMI distribution amplifier and the VM-216HDMI 2 input 1:16 HDMI distribution amplifier for use in large networks. The VM-28HDMI and VM-216HDMI were originally designed directly for a customer requirement.  Kramer was approached with the need to distribute high quality HDMI signals in […]

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New VP-8x8A From Kramer Adds Audio Capabilities

Kramer Electronics announced the VP-8x8A computer graphics video matrix switcher, with both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio capability for each input.  The VP-8x8A is an updated version of the Kramer VP-8×8 with the stereo audio capability added. The Kramer VP-8x8A is a 350 MHz high bandwidth matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals with resolutions […]

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Sierra Video Introduces Ultra-Wideband Video Routing Switchers

Kramer subsidiary Sierra Video introduced the Viper, ultra -wideband video routing switchers.  These RGBHV routing switchers have 500MHz bandwidth and feature hot-swappable video boards, control processors, and power supplies.  Viper routing switchers are designed to be modular, explains the company, to allow for increased performance and reliability in critical video applications. The Viper ultra-wideband routing […]

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Kramer Introduces HDMI Distribution Amplifier and Four Isolation Transformers

Kramer Electronics introduced a new 1:2 distribution amplifier for HDMI signals that can store and recall EDID information. The VM-2HDMI is a compact and high quality 1 input, 2 output distribution amplifier for HDMI signals from tuners, set top boxes, DVD players and other HDMI equipped sources.  The unit supports up to 1.65Gbps bandwidth for […]

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