Kramer Launches Kramer@Work at ISE

kramer-work-0216Kramer is introducing something called Kramer@Work at ISE 2016. Kramer@Work consists of packaged solutions from Kramer for any size meeting room from huddle spaces to large boardrooms but it’s all network-based.

With Kramer@Work users connect either wired or wireless using any laptop or mobile device and it’s designed to allow for document editing as well as display via a “main display” that can be turned into a whiteboard. Basically, it’s a Kramer VIA packaged with a K-Touch cloud-based control system.

You may know that Kramer’s VIA solutions include the VIA Collage, VIA Campus and VIA Connect PRO and all are wireless presentation and collaboration solutions. And, K-Touch is Kramer’s new approach to control and it’s built specifically for the Pro AV network-based control of lights, shades, screens and presentation control.

The system also includes an IP-based room scheduling software solution that lets participants find available rooms and book them from any device.

Kramer@Work comes with solutions for four different meeting room types:

  • The Executive Board Room for high-end systems
  • The Collaboration Room solution is for a BYOD meeting rooms where everything is wireless
  • The Basic Meeting Room solution is for wired connectivity
  • The Huddle Space solution is a BYOD system for small rooms

All of it can be found here.