New elektraLite 200-watt COB Paint Can Fixture Debuts


elektraLite just launched a new Paint Can COB fixture that’s available in regular and pendant body styles, as well as Warm White (WW) and RGBW formats for a total of four model variants. Basically, it’s a new spot/wash hybrid utilizing a 200-watt Japanese COB LED with a CRI of 95. The fixture also boasts a […]

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elektraLite Intros ML-902 Moving Head Spot Fixture


elektraLite’s new ML-902 is a full-featured moving head profile spot fixture powered by a bright 120-watt cool white (6,500K) COB LED that delivers an output equal to that of a 250-watt HMI discharge lamp. elektraLite’s newest moving head profile spot fixture easily adjusts for color via its indexable seven-color wheel, and pattern choices on the […]

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elektraLite Unveils eyeBall IUV Invisible Ultraviolet Light Fixture


elektraLite just launched a new eyeBall IUV (ELE728) — a high-output LED fixture for invisible ultraviolet light from a compact design. At the heart of the eyeBall IUV are eighteen three-watt LEDs operating at a wavelength of 365nm, completely invisible to the human eye. The fixture’s output delivers fluorescence at distances of more than 75 […]

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elektraLite Debuts elektraBar Mini


elektraLite has just launched the elektraBar Mini, which is half the length of the original elektraBar — 23.6 inches (60 centimeters) versus 43 inches, basically an LED strip fixture. At the heart of the new elektraLite product are eight professional-grade, 12-watt, six-in-one LEDs capable of generating red, green, blue, white, amber and indigo. By mixing colors internally, […]

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elektraLite Intros Three New LED Fixtures


elektraLite launched three new LED fixtures today: elektraBar, Dazer RGBA and MJ Parcan. The elektraBar ($899) is a 43-inch linear LED fixture that can be linked end-to-end or side-to-side for seamless, continuous coverage. Using 18 12-watt, 25-degree LEDs (10- and 40-degree lens kits available), the product’s six-in-one LEDs (RGBAWI) deliver the full color spectrum as […]

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ElektraLite Intros Three New Professional LED Products


ElektraLite has launched three new LED light products for live events: the 1018-AI, the eyeBall Outdoor and LightStream. The new 1018-AI is an improved version of ElektraLite’s 1018 QUAD LED stage light that adds two colors — amber and indigo. Featuring 18 12-watt, six-in-one LEDs (RGBAWI), the new color additions and optics allow the 1018-AI […]

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