CEDIA Expo Truths: Attendance Flat, Show’s Dominated By DIY and It’s Arguably a Distributor Show Now

September 14, 2018

CEDIA Expo is the ultimate AV geekfest. Walking around CEDIA is like being an eight-year-old at Toys ‘R’ Us wishing you could have everything. But like Toys ‘R’ Us, it’s on the verge of disappearing. Let’s be honest here — the show has had flat attendance (right at 20,000, INCLUDING exhibitor personnel) for the past […]

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DIY Acoustics: A Cautionary Tale

April 25, 2018

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In the year or so that I have been writing this column for rAVe’s house of worship publication, the majority of the articles have been how to or problem/solution oriented, with an educational and information focus. A number of those have concentrated on room acoustics and acoustic treatment areas (specifically, on intelligibility here […]

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In My Head or On the Stage

July 20, 2017

The house of worship sound reinforcement space can be segmented in a wide variety of ways for a large number of purposes. The simplest divider is whether or not the worship style/service includes musical and singing (vocalist) performers. At this early point in the discussion, it doesn’t matter what kind of music, how many performers […]

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Quick Cuts

January 24, 2017

For Christmas, my husband gave me a Cricut cutter. It’s a machine that you can use to cut out pretty much any material, from iron-on vinyl to construction paper. It’s mostly a craft tool, but it’s also a fairly impressive piece of gadgetry. To set up your cuts, you hook it up to your computer […]

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Ten Very Scary DIY AV Installations

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! For most folks, ghosts, goblins, and zombies tend to give us a fright during this time of year. But, if you’re an integrator, DIY installs that you’ve resurrected probably still haunt your dreams. In the spirit of the scariest time of year, we’ve rounded up some of the most cringe-worthy (and often just […]

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