Focus on Light Field Displays and Streaming


Light field displays, volumetric displays and eventually, holographic displays are all in development with the first commercial products coming soon. Such displays require a lot of image points (some call them voxels or volume pixels) and a lot of data. As a result, methods to format, encode and deliver these intense data streams are also […]

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Display Summit 2017: Expanded Focus and New Date – rAVe to Sponsor


Insight Media, the organizers of the annual Display Summit conference, announced today that the event will now expand its focus and move the date one week further out to October 4-5, 2017. The location remains the same; the Rockwell Collins facility in Sterling, Va. “The expanded focus is best described as Immersive Displays,” noted Chris Chinnock, founder of Insight Media. […]

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Display Summit China Puts Out Call for Papers


Display Summit China is a thought leadership event focused on advanced display technologies and the whole pixel pipeline. This year’s event will focus on laser-based projection displays and related topics. Registration is now open for those interested in attending, exhibiting or presenting. Organized by Insight Media in partnership with the Yixing Economic and Technological Development […]

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Is Coming, But How Will It Impact Your Business?


By now you have probably heard the buzz about high dynamic range, or HDR. But you may also be wondering if this is something you need to know more about, how it might impact your business and when. This article may help a little in answering these questions. First of all, what is HDR? In […]

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Options for Wired Infrastructure Multiply Creating New Opportunities


It used to be that organizations would set up multiple wired infrastructure networks to handle phone, data, video, audio, control, security, KVM, etc. Now, multiple options are emerging that can allow one or two networks to do all the stuff of multiple networks in the past. That is creating lots of new opportunities for hardware, […]

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The Business of Digital Signage to Be Discussed at Display Summit


Digital signage is driving developments in displays, human interfaces, content interactivity and more. A session at the upcoming InfoComm Display Summit will bring together experts in the field to explore the business aspects of this dynamic segment. Demands for the display technologies used in digital signage vary by application and can be quite different from […]

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Learn More About Laser Projection at Display Summit This Month


Lamp-based projectors are being challenged by all-laser and laser-phosphor projectors. This transition to solid state sources will have a big impact on manufacturers and the uses of projection in a host of professional applications. At the upcoming Display Summit, June 16-17 just prior to InfoComm in Las Vegas, an entire day will be devoted to […]

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