Display Summit 2017: Expanded Focus and New Date – rAVe to Sponsor

Insight Media, the organizers of the annual Display Summit conference, announced today that the event will now expand its focus and move the date one week further out to October 4-5, 2017. The location remains the same; the Rockwell Collins facility in Sterling, Va.

“The expanded focus is best described as Immersive Displays,” noted Chris Chinnock, founder of Insight Media.  “That means projection-based solutions for simulation, training, visualization and entertainment on flat, curved and domed screens as well as body-worn immersive systems such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality systems. This includes commercial, military and professional applications.”

Many of the projection-based solutions are multi-projector so the event will profile advancements in resolution, blending and warping, solid state light sources and more.  But the event will also look at competitive solutions that are beginning to emerge for these markets including LCD and LED video wall technology.  And just as importantly, related technologies and products from other application areas in ProAV and cinema are important to include in the program.

For body-worn immersive solutions, the focus will be on the hardware solutions along with emerging professional and commercial applications for augmented, virtual and mixed reality applications. But here again, the event will draw upon the full range of applications so attendees can get a broader understanding of the status and future of these technologies.

The event is also likely to feature a session on light field display and capture and its emerging use in a number of applications. In addition, CPU, GPU and other hardware solutions for generating the large images for these immersive solutions will be explored along with the future of physical connections between sources and displays.

“I have been consistently told by previous attendees at Display Summit events that the value is the exposure to a broad range of relevant, but lateral technologies and solutions to the person’s primary area of focus,” continued Chinnock. “That, along with the networking and business development opportunities are why we are now in our 16th year of this event.”

rAVe is the media sponsor of the Display Summit. rAVe Founder Gary Kayye says, “Chris is a display genius — no one is more knowledgable than him and this is a must-attend if you need to keep up with the future of displays.”

Industry experts are invited to submit an abstract to deliver a PowerPoint presentation at the event. There will also be an exhibit area. For more information, go here.