Barco Launches Canvas 3D Visualization System


Barco has launched something called Canvas, a VR-based system that allows companies to conceptualize projects. The Canvas is applicable in all markets where 3D images are coupled with business objectives, with a focus on AEC (architecture, engineering and construction). Many VR users want to enhance their 3D visualization capabilities and shake off the disadvantages of […]

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Extron Introduces Six-Input, Four-Output Audio Expansion Processor With AEC and Dante


Extron has introduced the AXP 64 C AT, an audio expansion processor with six mic/line inputs and four line outputs for remote connectivity to a Dante-enabled DMP 128 audio system. It is used to place six mic/line sources onto a Dante audio network and route any four Dante channels from the network to an amplifier […]

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Extron Ships New Five Input Audio Expansion Processor with AEC and Dante


Extron is now shipping its née AXP 50 C AT, a five input audio expansion processor with Extron ProDSP for integrating remote microphones and other sources into a Dante-enabled Extron DMP 128 audio system. A single Ethernet cable from one AXP 50 C AT, or several linked units, to a central equipment rack significantly reduces […]

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Lectrosonics Debuts Two New Aspen Processors


Lectrosonics’ two new processors (part of its Aspen product line) are the SPN Conference Wideband and the SPN Trio Wideband. Both feature a newly developed AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) algorithm with wideband audio response to 20 kHz. This new algorithm was developed to address the needs for a single acoustic echo canceller to handle the […]

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