With T1V HubVC, Your Zoom Room Can Launch a Microsoft Teams or Webex Meeting


T1V HubVC product image at the T1V headquarters in Charlotte, NC

Last week, I had the opportunity to officially launch (using LinkedIn’s new Live video feature) the new T1V HubVC, a new collaboration board from T1V. You can watch the LIVE videocast here:

What’s T1V HubVC?

It’s a collaboration board that teams can use to wirelessly share devices, whiteboard and video conference ⁠– all at the same time. You can also integrate just the HubVC software into any existing collaboration board to allow for consistent user experience. In both applications, HubVC allows for one-touch launching of a Zoom Room, a Microsoft Teams or a Webex Meetings call. Yep, all three video platforms are available right from the home screen.

Image highlights feature of T1V HubVC where users can join a Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams meeting

You may decide to use T1V’s collaboration board, a 65″ Avocor-based interactive panel that’s pre-integrated with the T1V HubVC software interface or you can buy HubVC as an add-on to any existing collaboration board. This is the perfect way for companies that have a plethora of different brands of interactive whiteboards, collaboration boards or touch-screen systems to integrate them all with a consistent user interface. Simply tap the HubVC board to start one of these three things with any team: share your screen, start a new sketch or join a VC.

Share your screen? Yes, this is because the T1V HubVC software allows users to wirelessly cast up to four devices at a time for screen sharing. The in-room team can broadcast up to four streams at a time (whether that’s shared devices, whiteboard sketches or a combination of both). Also, users can connect from any network in the world, and can view and control the HubVC board via T1V’s AirConnect application.

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Start a sketch? Annotation and sketching are integrated right into the HubVC software. Anyone can create and add sketches to work through ideas and concepts. You can sketch freehand and adjust your digital pen’s weight and color from sketch to sketch. Annotate directly on top of shared devices or use a feature called Snapshot — this creates an image copy of anything shared to the board so that you can annotate and create a mock-up with your ideas.

Contact your T1V Sales Rep to learn more or tune in to T1V’s HubVC webinar with CTO Jim Morris on October 24, 2019 at 2 p.m. ET.