Studio Six Digital Shows dBPod Smart Sound Level Meter

Studio Six Digital added the dBPod smart sound level meter to its product line at InfoComm 2019. The dBPod is the a sound level measurement tool that enables users to gather data onsite or remotely. Sound level management couldn’t be any easier, with colored LED lights providing a clear visual status in real time. More in depth data can be accessed from the dBPod app.

The Studio Six Digital dBPod smart sound level meter provides users with easy access to accurate sound level data either locally onsite or by remote access. The dBPod utilizes a MEMS wideband omnidirectional microphone coupled with an audio interface, a microprocessor, flash memory, a lithium ion battery and an audio output jack to create a powerful measurement tool. The dBPod can be used as an installed device, hardwired for power, connected to Wi-Fi and mounted to any surface. There are no controls that need to be accessed on the dBPod, just the LED lights indicating status: below threshold (green), nearing threshold (yellow) and exceeding threshold (red). The dBPod can also be used portably, placed anywhere for precise on-location analysis. The onboard battery will enable two hours of remote wireless operation. The dBPod app enables users to monitor SPL and frequency spectrum locally from iOS or Android devices over Wi-Fi. They can also set the threshold SPL level to suit each use case, ensuring accurate noise level data that can be stored and accessed securely from the cloud. The dBPod also features an onboard Bosch accelerometer that can be utilized for 3-axis vibration analysis, and the device meets ISO Class 2 SLM standards for all audio and filter parameters.

Here you go.