Sound Manager 2.0 – Improving the User Experience

lencore-0612(WOODBURY, NY) Lencore continues to refine its approach to delivering the superior customer experience in both products and services by introducing Sound Manager 2.0. Working with Control Concepts, Lencore redesigned the graphic user interface (GUI) as well as the control functionality for the firmware. “The redesign was ultimately about providing a superior experience for our clients,” stated Jonathan Leonard, President of Lencore. “Sound Manager 2 improved the functionality of our systems by simplifying the interface and the control.”

Sound Manager 2.0 is built off of the same concept of system control as its predecessor but operates dynamically different in order to improve speed and efficiency for the user. System componentry is more readily identified and adjusted through the new firmware; also, pre-sets for masking, paging, and audio as well as zoning capabilities now improve the client’s efficiency through Sound Manager 2.0.

Control Concepts took the time to first understand how the firmware was used and how it benefited the customer before designing the solution. Jeff Mackie, Director of Product Development at Control Concepts, who worked on the project, says “We had the opportunity to look ‘under the hood’ and learned how to provide a tool that satisfies the needs and demands of their clients, partners, sales team, and engineers.”

Jeff, who worked closely with the Lencore team to contribute to the success of the product, continues, “It’s great to have the opportunity to apply our knowledge of providing a successful user experience and software solution to help manufacturers achieve the highest potential with their products.”

Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts, looks at his company’s ongoing work with Lencore as “a partnership that has grown from development of third party control modules to software that enhances products, the successes of which are indicative of the strength of the relationship and level of support provided.”

About Lencore

Lencore manufactures masking, mass notification, paging and music systems that include networked systems, in-plenum systems, direct fired systems, networked direct fired systems, centralized, decentralized, and remote sound masking systems. Lencore systems are UL listed for use in air-handling spaces and have been independently tested to meet ASTM standards for speech privacy and ANSI standards for open platform. Lencore Spectra i.Net® speakers are UL listed for fire alarm, emergency, professional and commercial use, in accordance with UL 1480 and NFPA 72. For more information on Lencore’s systems, contact Lencore at or call 516-682-9292