Sony Intros Three New Laser Projectors in the VPL-FHZ75 and VPL-FHZ70

Sony just launched two new installation projectors in the VPL-FHZ75 and VPL-FHZ70, both aimed at schools, corporations, churches, museums and entertainment installations. With a native WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution, the 3LCD projectors are specified at 6,500 lumens and 5,500 lumens, respectively, and use a newly-developed 0.76-inch LCD panel. Both models come with an ‘intelligent setting’ feature that automatically selects the image configuration based on the projectors’ environment. The products’ four pre-set modes include: meeting/classrooms, museums, entertainment venues and multi-screen setups.

With their compact design, the VPL-FHZ75 and VPL-FHZ70 are built for installation — even in buildings that may operate in imperfect ambient light settings, or that include unusually-shaped rooms. The projectors can also be placed in higher-positions than “normal” as their lens shift capability includes a Vertical range of +70 percent.

The VPL-FHZ75 and VPL-FHZ70 are planned to be available in spring 2019 and will come in both black and white finishes. All laser models can be controlled by IP network with BRAVIA professional displays, allowing users to power on/off projectors and displays simultaneously.

Here are all the detailed specs.