Snap One Partners With RG Nets’ Revenue Extraction Gateway Software Solution (rXg) to Simplify Installation and Management of Advanced Solutions

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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, June 6, 2024 – Snap One, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of smart living technologies, today announced it is partnering with RG Nets to provide Snap One Partners access to the rXg solution, a new way to automate the configuration, operation and management of Access Networks WLAN infrastructure or ‘bulk Wi-Fi’ that can simplify and enhance internet access in MDUs, restaurants, entertainment venues, co-working spaces and other multi-user environments.

The new availability of rXg will greatly reduce the time and labor required to implement multi-tenant networks including those offering paid or tiered services, according to Jon Peckman, Director of Sales at Access Networks.

“Snap One is always looking for new solutions and brands that can help our Partners work faster, smarter and more profitably, and the RG Nets rXg software delivers on all three counts,” Peckman said. “By combining rXg’s automated network setup and management capabilities with the power and reliability of Access Networks’ newest commercial-grade networking hardware, integrators can cut hours or days off projects where VLANs are deployed, simplify ongoing management for IT managers and provide end users with automated upgrade options that don’t require any technician actions.”

rXg automates network setup and microsegmentation to greatly reduce demands on integrators and IT managers while offering owners a simple solution to monetize internet services, including empowering end users to change their service instantly without calling anyone or having to wait for a technician. rXg is an ideal automation solution to pair with Access Networks’ enterprise-grade networking solutions such as 2.5Gbps routers, 10Gbps switches and Wi-Fi 6 WAPs so users of all kinds can enjoy reliable internet experiences.

When setting up a network, rXg eliminates the need to configure VLANS individually with an automated wizard that can create hundreds of VLANS in just minutes, which can then be managed from both the user and operator side. The ability to customize connection offerings empowers building owners to maximize efficiency, revenue and user experiences through tiered data or speed caps, limited-time data or speed boosts and intelligent traffic management such as pre-set minimum and maximum speeds. It’s easy to see how this is beneficial for a wide variety of MDU and commercial locations where residents and guests expect high-quality internet access.

“One of the biggest challenges in large buildings or venues is ensuring equitable, reliable internet access, whether it’s to offer specials in a sports stadium through a mobile app, stream movies in a living room or power business transactions in a storefront,” said Steve Betz, Senior Account Executive at RG Nets. “Through rXg, Snap One Partners can enhance their Access Networks installations with advanced capabilities that are either automated or simple to use, including cancellation/startup of accounts from tenant turnover, instant provisioning of services, and customizable templates that reduce setup time even further.”

For residences and lodgings, the centralized network design enables each user’s “home” network to travel with them anywhere the property provides a Wi-Fi signal, such as in a fitness center or ground-level businesses. This system design can even enable users to access their in-home networked content remotely on mobile devices or laptops.

One of the best things about rXg is it does not require expert-level training or knowledge of networking to deploy or maintain, so integration companies of all sizes can quickly expand their capabilities. Properties that use this system design also eliminate the need for tenants to arrange their own internet service or connections and ensure same-day usability without any need to arrange service calls or installation.

The rXg service is available to property owners as a paid subscription based on the number of individual VLANs.

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