Seneca Will Provide Pre-Imaged Hiperwall Certified Video Wall Controller PCs

hiperwall certified pcs

Hiperwall announced that Seneca, an Arrow Electronics company and manufacturer of purpose-built computing hardware, will provide a variety of pre-imaged Hiperwall Certified video wall controller PCs that are optimized for a range of video wall applications.

Hiperwall Certified PCs from Seneca can be delivered in rack mount and tower form factors and are purpose-built for specific functions. Depending on use case, and video wall capabilities required, Hiperwall Certified PCs from Seneca can be custom-built to address specific customer needs. Available PCs include:

  • Hiperwall Certified Controller PCs are designed to run Hiperwall Control software efficiently. These PCs serve as the overall control center and brain of the Hiperwall video wall system. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall Controller software and all associated licenses for the video wall system ordered.
  • Hiperwall Certified HiperView PCs are optimized to power up to four 4K displays per system. In large video wall systems where multiple HiperView PCs are required, these PCs are perfectly synchronized ensuring that all content plays smoothly across multiple displays. Supporting Hiperwall’s industry-leading scalability, more HiperView PCs can be added to the system at any time to expand an existing video wall canvas. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall software.
  • Hiperwall Certified HiperView LED PCs are optimized to power today’s ultra-high resolution direct-view LED displays and feature hardware Genlock powered by Nvidia Sync ii cards. With no natural breaks or bezels between display panels, large direct-view LED installations require powerful graphics capabilities to drive a quality, perfectly synchronized viewing experience, free of undesirable breaks, image tearing and more. These PCs come pre-imaged Hiperwall HiperView LED software licenses as specified by customer order.
  • HiperSource Streamer PCs are optimized for video capture from external source devices such as a set-top-box, gaming systems and DVR systems using a capture card, as well as for streaming content played on a PC at high frame rates and resolution up to 4K. HiperSource Streamer PCs can be configured with zero, two, four or eight input video capture adapters. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall HiperSource Streamer software.
  • HiperSource IP Streams/Browser PCs are designed to bridge IP stream sources, like H.264 encoders, IP camera feeds, mapping systems, IoT data feeds and more, to a Hiperwall-powered video wall. These systems are also optimized for managing the playback of ultra-high resolution web content, or displaying the content of several high-resolution web pages on a video wall. These PCs come pre-imaged with Hiperwall HiperSource IP Streams and HiperSource Browser software.
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