SDVI Rally Access Workstation Enables Fully Managed Edit-in-the-Cloud Model With Adobe Premiere Pro

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Jan. 24, 2024 — SDVI, the leading platform provider for cloud-native media supply chains, today introduced Rally Access Workstation, a fully managed solution for editing in the cloud with Adobe Premiere Pro. This new addition to the company’s Rally media supply chain management platform enables anywhere, anytime access to hosted edit workstations and content in the cloud, dynamically managing associated infrastructure deployment so that media organizations can scale their edit capacity easily and cost-effectively within an automated media supply chain.

“Manual edits are an essential part of media supply chains, and now they are moving to the cloud — like everything else in the supply chain — in a fully managed way,” said Chris Brähler, vice president of product at SDVI. “Only with Rally Access Workstation can users automatically spin up a licensed Adobe workstation, fill the bin, make edits on the timeline, and hit submit, and the supply chain carries on. It’s a fully managed engagement that integrates human tasks and automated jobs, supported by automatic infrastructure provisioning. By moving manual activity into the cloud, Rally Access Workstation represents the next step in fully migrating supply chains.”

Available now to all Rally users, Rally Access Workstation makes it possible to run an instance of Adobe Premiere Pro on a cloud-based virtual workstation with all content (high-resolution and/or proxy) preloaded in the bin, as well as markers on the timeline corresponding to workorder items that need attention, as identified by automated processing upstream in the supply chain. Because content stays in the cloud, users avoid latencies and egress costs commonly associated with on-premises edit workstations.

By implementing Adobe Premiere Pro workstations in the cloud with Rally Access Workstation, Rally users reduce the burden of maintaining and scheduling physical edit suites. Rather than manage numerous costly machines on premises or in remote-work environments, Rally users can quickly connect authorized editors to high-end edit software and the content they need, on their preferred device, via a web browser and internet connection. With Rally Access Workstation, users can instantly scale up access to address peaks in demand or to free up space in on-premises edit bays for other, more creative work, and scale down just as quickly when those resources are no longer needed.

“Rally Access Workstation is a significant development for the platform — and for the industry — because it enables tight integration of Adobe Premiere Pro into the media supply chain without incurring data movement in or out of the cloud,” added Brähler. “While Rally users could already utilize Premiere Pro locally in their supply chain, this new capability expands access to our industry-leading editing software and makes utilization as simple as starting a work order.”

The SDVI Rally Access Workstation is available today. Further information about SDVI and the company’s Rally media supply chain platform is available at