SAVANT Adds Wi-Fi Lamp and Plug-in Modules to SmartLighting Lineup

savantsys-1013Savant Systems has introduced two Wi-Fi enabled Lamp Modules and two Wi-Fi enabled Plug-in Modules to complement its SmartLighting product lineup and extend its presence in the growing connected home market. This new group of products has been designed to give users easy control over plug-in devices such as tabletop lamps without the need for an electrician.

Savant’s Wi-Fi-enabled Lamp Modules are available in two versions: one that controls a dimmable load and the other that provides an on/off switch. The Lamp Modules are available with an optional tabletop keypad, which gives users control over the connected appliance. The keypad can also be adapted to provide additional functionality within a Savant control and automation system. Both Lamp Modules are compatible with Savant’s Wi-Fi lighting controllers and keypads.

Savant’s Plug-in Modules give users another Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity option that is compatible with Savant’s SmartLighting products. Like the Lamp Modules, the Plug-in Modules are also available in two versions: one to control a dimmable load and the other provides an on/off switch. Savant says these new plug-in devices have been designed to give users Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in surge protection at cost-effective price points. These products are an ideal solution for retrofit installations because they do not require rewiring.

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