Samsung, LG to Both Introduce Curved 105″ UHD TVs at CES

curved-uhd-1213At CES next month, both Samsung and LG will introduce 105″, curved displays featuring UHD resolution. The displays will offer a 21:9 CinemaScope resolution that’s 5120X2160 pixels — that’s 11 million pixels.

Samsung’s new display offers what the company calls a “new proprietary picture quality algorithm” for delivering optimized color and depth. It also has Samsung’s “Quadmatic Picture Engine,” which scales content to UHD picture quality. Samsung hasn’t released a model number, or a price, but the display will be shown at CES in Las Vegas Jan. 7 – 10. More information on Samsung’s 4K and OLED TVs are here.

LG released a curved 77″ OLED screen earlier this year, but has gone back to LCD technology for its new 105″ curved display, the 105UC9. The company says in its release that it has resolved a number of technical issues in using LCD technology for curved displays in order to maintain “structural integrity” and improve uniformity in color and brightness. LG refined its Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology, which the company says prevents color leakage and ensures a “superior viewing experience” from any angle. LG has also not released a price on its huge new display, but will show it at CES as well. More information on LG’s super-sized TV is here.