Roland Debuts its New 4K Video Scaler for Live Events, Fixed Application and Streaming

roland vc 100uhd

Roland announced the debut of the VC-100UHD 4K Video Scaler, a next-generation AV signal management solution for live events, fixed installations and streaming applications. Integrated with Roland’s Ultra Scaler processing technology, the VC-100UHD allows users to input 4K and 1080p video sources and distribute them to multiple destinations at one time, including 4K LED walls, HD displays and USB 3.0 livestreams. High frame rates up to 240 hertz are also supported, delivering smooth motion for esports and animated displays.

Built on a hardware platform for mission-critical applications, the VC-100UHD combines multiple single-task technologies in a half-rack design. Backed by a processing engine, the VC-100UHD’s Ultra Scaler provides conversion for big-screen IMAG and dot-by-dot scaling for LED wall displays.

With an ultra-high-definition source signal connected to the 12G-SDI or HDMI 2.0 video inputs, the VC-100UHD will automatically process and convert it to different resolutions, ready for distribution at 12G-SDI, HDMI, and USB 3.0 rear-panel outputs. Thanks to Ultra Scaler technology, system designers can simultaneously deliver 1080p video at rates up to 240 Hz for a gaming monitor, 59.94/50 Hz for an HD video system and LED displays and 59.94/50 Hz for an HD livestream broadcast.

The VC-100UHD also includes built-in visual effects, allowing users to rotate, flip, trim, and mirror images on each output. And with Frame Synchronizer and Genlock features, video images can be re-clocked and stabilized as needed.

Via USB 3.0 output, VC-100UHD users can stream uncompressed 1080p video at 59.94/50 Hz on all the RTMP streaming platforms. Roland also offers free VR Capture software, which records HD livestreams in ProRes 422 (Mac) or MP4 (Windows) formats for later editing and distribution.

The VC-100UHD can process embedded digital audio from its 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs along with video. Analog I/O is provided as well, with balanced audio on a 25-pin D-sub connector for installations and line-level stereo audio on RCA jacks for prosumer video gear. The advanced audio patching system lets users route and embed/de-embed up to 16 input channels and output up to eight channels. An adjustable delay is also provided on each output to correct lip-sync issues.

The VC-100UHD works as a portable processor for grab-and-go productions, or can be installed in a rack for use in larger systems and fixed installations. The unit’s integration capabilities include custom EDID on HDMI, 24 video test patterns, an audio test tone generator, system backup via USB memory and remote control support over LAN.