rePLAY Commercial Integrator Expo 2023 Wrap-Up

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Hey #AVtweeps, welcome to the official wrap-up of of rePLAY Commercial Integrator Expo Expo 2023!

In this episode of rePLAY, hosts Steph Beckett and Emily Dean returned to highlight their favorite moments of rAVe’s coverage of Commercial Integrator Expo. While CEDIA Expo featured all things HomeAV, Commercial Integrator Expo showcased solutions in the emerging resimercial market.

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Steph and Emily spotlighted resimercial solutions from the following product categories: control, mounts, displays and audio. They also got a chance to speak with Jason McGraw, show director of CEDIA and Commercial Integrator Expo, about his impressions of the first CIX show and what its future will look like. Be sure to check out that interview by watching rePLAY CIX on demand here.  


Check out some of the coolest control solutions from Legrand, RTI and DNAKE that rAVe covered on the show floor:



Mounts and Displays

Steph and Emily highlighted a few of their top picks for mount and display solutions, including the Acadia TV stand from Salamander Designs and Absen’s .95mm CL0.9 display.



Finally, check out some of Steph and Emily’s favorite audio solutions from the show floor, including the Micronova AmpliPro and the AtlasIED Atmosphere.


rePLAY on Demand

That concludes our wrap-up of rePLAY Commerical Integrator Expo 2023! If you didn’t make it Commerical Integrator Expo and want to see all the product videos Steph and Emily highlighted, be sure to check out the full episode of rePLAY CEDIA Expo on demand here.