RED Details New CINE-BROADCAST MODULE for Live Events and Production

red digital

RED DIGITAL CINEMA just introduced the RED CINE-BROADCAST MODULE aimed at broadcast and live events.
The company says the new RED CINE-BROADCAST MODULE is compatible with V-RAPTOR XL [X], V-RAPTOR [X] and standard V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL camera systems, and it handles up to two channels of 4K 60P (HDR/SDR) over 12G-SDI. The company also says it is IP-broadcast ready with SMPTE ST 2110 (TR-08) and up to a 4K 60P JPEG-XS feed. The module features a LEMO SMPTE 311M/304M hybrid fiber optical cable connector, which connects to a rack-mountable 2 RU Base Station.

Additionally, broadcasters will be able to unlock advanced workflows with slow-motion, AI/ML augmentation and live-to-headset using 8K 120FPS R3Ds by using RED’s license-enabled RED Connect feature, according to RED.

RED says the new Broadcast Color pipeline option for the DSMC3 camera lineup enables live painting of RED cameras in broadcast or streaming environments and allows for on-demand adjustments and multi-camera color matching using traditional broadcast controls. The new firmware-enabled functionality utilizes industry-standard RCPs to control painting parameters in real-time over IP while saving information per frame in the recorded file’s metadata. This new option comes as a standard firmware update for all V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL variants.