rAVe [TV] Episode 75 – Getting Ready for CEDIA Expo 2022, Special Guests Hank Alexander and Paul Harris and Steph’s 10-Year High School Reunion

I attended my 10-year high school reunion over the weekend, and I recount that experience on today’s episode of rAVe [TV]. Since Gary and I are from the same small town in North Carolina, we talk about what it’s like every time we go back. In other news, CEDIA Expo 2022 begins next week, so Gary and I talk about what you can expect to see on the show floor. Director of HTSN Hank Alexander joined us to talk about the organization’s CEDIA Expo plans and how you can get involved. Later in the episode, Paul Harris of Aurora Multimedia joins to talk about its recent string of marketing emails and the cease-and-desist order it received from Crestron. Enjoy this episode, #AVtweeps!