Rants and rAVes — Episode 529: How a Book Lead to the Development of Nureva’s HDL-300 – And, What’s next for Nureva?

rants-529Nureva launched at InfoComm 2015 with SPAN  a video-centric product, and returned to InfoComm 2016 to debut the HDL-300  an audio-centric product. And, nearly every traditional audio-based manufacturer took note. That’s how much potential the HDL-300 has – as it’s basically a small-room microphone-array in a speaker bar form-factor that fills a  room with 8192 virtual microphones so you never hear, “can you get closer to the mic” during an audio conference again. 

Gary was joined by Nureva’s co-founders, Nancy Knowlton and Dave Martin, who explain the concept behind the HDL-300 – and how it was inspired by a future-forward thinking book – how it will be distributed and sold and a hint at what we can expect, next, from Nureva. It’s a great InfoComm wrap-up podcast and will make you want to check out Gary’s own demo of the Nureva HDL-300 from InfoComm yourself – which you can watch here