Rants and rAVes — Episode 887: The Casio Post-InfoComm 2019 Podcast

Only a few manufacturers on the InfoComm 2019 show floor actually had native 4K projectors; Casio was one of them — and, their 4K center-mounted-lens, 5K lumen 4K projector is less than $8000. Gary was joined on today’s post-InfoComm podcast with Joe Gillio of Casio to talk about his new XJ-L8300HN LampFree 4K projector as well as tell the LampFree story. In fact, Gary received a personal, one-on-one booth tour from Joe that includes the story of how and why NASA chose Casio for the one and only projector on the International Space Station. We actually shot six videos of Casio between our coverage of InfoComm and UB Tech last week and they’re all here. In the meantime, we hope you’ll listen to Joe and Gary’s podcast!